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How quickly do eyelashes grow back after they have fallen out?

Posted by Eunice

Something horrific happened: a couple of eyelashes fell off. Maybe you can even see a gap in your lash line and you are panicking by wondering when your lashes would grow out fully and start looking normal again. Well, worry no more - this article gives you the answer.

Eyelash 101

The eyelashes protect the eye from dirt, and is sensitive to touch. In many cultures, long eyelashes are a sign of femininity. Nowadays, eyelash extensions are becoming more popular and can be done at regular salons. Some eyelash diseases include madarosis, trichiasis and blepharitis.

How long does it take to grow back?

It is perfectly normal for your eyelashes to fall out from time to time, just like the hair on other parts of your body.

Some activities such as makeup removal, the rigorous wiping of your eyes (a mechanical cause), heavy mascara, eyelash curlers, pillows and false lashes may trigger this.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

Just like the hair, eyelash growth occurs in cycles which includes a growing phase and a resting phase. Hair falls out at the end of the resting phase, hence making way for new hair to grow in the follicle.

On the average, eyelashes grow back in the space of one to six months. The rest fall out and begin all over again.

Taking care of your lashes

  • Firstly, be gentle with your lashes and do not rub vigorously.
  • Throw out the makeup, especially eye makeup every four to six months.

How to get long eyelashes

The easiest way to do this is by taking good care of your eyelashes. Always clean them with makeup remover, olive oil, soap, etc after wearing makeup. Also, learn to apply eye makeup properly.

Just like your hair, your eyelashes also need conditioner. A natural eyelash conditioner is olive oil. Rub some olive oil on your finger tips, and rub along your lower lash line, extending to the length of your eyelashes in a vertical motion. This will also make your eyelashes longer.

Natural products that promote lash growth

Other natural products that encourage eyelash growth include castor oil, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Eyelash growth products

There are many products out there that promise to grow your eyelashes. This is quite controversial as some users have said that it worked for them while some saw absolutely no results.


Applying some loose powder on your lashes before you use mascara makes your mascara last longer.

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