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Casual sex with the lingerie fetishist

Posted by Eba

Is it male privilege that makes some men shitty communicators and bad respecters of boundaries? I was not going to address this but this happened last night and I thought now is the time.

“The Shitty Communicator’ was supposed to be a once off thing. After we hooked up, he decided he was gonna text me non-stop over the weekend. He referred to himself as a pervert, and I asked him why in an effort to make conversation. And he actually tried to explain.

“pretty classic but I’m a lingerie fan (maybe fetishist), I enjoy dirty talk, anything anal, female masturbation (voyeur), threesomes and group sex, and lately I’ve been intrigued by public exhibitionism”

Umm, thanks for sharing I guess. I decided that conversation was over, cos I actually don’t give a shit. He messaged me on whatsapp, and I didn’t respond. Then he called me, at 12:09AM. WHO DOES THAT?

We’re not friends, we’re not lovers, we’re nothing. We don’t have a pre-existing arrangement. If you’ve met a person once, and they proceed to ignore your messages, DO NOT CALL THEM. Let it go and keep improving your #hoegame

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