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Casual sex with a rich fuckboi pt 2

Posted by Eba

I am a superficial hoe. Although deep meaningful conversation is nice, I don’t mind bonding with you over a fancy ass dinner and cruising in your nice car. I am definitely open to hoe-ing with fuckbois or so I thought. It’s also super great that this fuckboi lives in a neighboring city so this is only gonna be a casual long distance fling.

‘The money’ is 6ft, tall, successful entrepreneur of Indian heritage. “The money’ is also a fuckboi. I was 75% certain of this after 10 minutes of interacting with him. But he’s so pretty. Every inch of his body is so beautiful, and fuckboi or not, I appreciate beauty.

But this fool commuted about 5 hours (including a ferry ride), fucked me like a champ (there’s no Red Lobster in my city), and as he was about to leave went all weird on me talking about how he didn’t want a relationship right now.

This made me sick. It implies that I want a relationship with this (pretty) fuckboi, and reinforces dumb stereotypes about women being clingy. I cleared it up and had a quick conversation that my expectations = sex.

In my experience, men are the ones who are clingy as fuck. Asking me to hangout and shit during the daytime when I’ve clearly said, text me after midnight!

Pussy so good, you commute 5 hrs. And YOU think I want a relationship? You fuckbois need to get #woke

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