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Casual sex with the rich lawyer

Posted by Eba

‘The Hair’ is a successful lawyer, a man of colour, who is woke as fuck, with impeccable style. We met up once and had a wonderful makeout session, which didn’t lead to more thanks to my period.

Our communication simmered but every couple of days, he’d like my pic on IG and message me “you’re gorgeous, just saying” and I’d be like wtf. He did this a couple of times, and I tried my best to casually communicate that this was way too random.

Last week, he sent me a drunk message on Facebook, and I called him out on his thirst, and he responded “of course I’m thirsty for you. Are you thirsty for me?”.

Umm, whut? I rolled my eyes on my screen so hard. I hate dumb pointless communication. If you’re that thirsty for me, maybe you should be making more of an effort to get my pussy. Of course I’m thirsty for you, I let you touch my lips. Dumb messages don’t do it for me. But, how do I communicate this with him? Stop texting me unless we’re making plan to fuck. I don’t need you to tell me how gorgeous I am. I don’t need you to send me drunk texts and Facebook messages cos the bond isn’t that strong.

In my year of hoe-ing, I am getting to know myself better, exploring my boundaries and trying to communicate them as kindly as possible. The goal is to keep my communication short and concise, and using this extra time to consistently work on my hoe game. Shout out to amazon.ca for the book knowledge and my glam squad for the fleeky nails and brows haha

I didn’t want to have a semi-serious ‘boundaries conversation’ but struggled to cut off communication with him cos we have a couple of mutual friends and I didn’t want things to be awkward. Plus, did I mention he’s hot, has great style, and is woke? I mean, this dude wears polka dots and pulls it off.

After much struggle, I decided to continue with the theme of 2016: talk less and fuck more. There is an abundance of dick out there. So if I want your dick, you will respect me and my boundaries. Bye ‘hair’, on to the next one.

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