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Weird date with an awkward white boy

Posted by Eunice


Foreheads are weird. Although I like to say I don’t have a type cos I’ve hoed with men of all sorts of proportions. I do have a type, and they are tall and lean. Preferably with proportional foreheads, nice fingernails, shoes, and bum.

In online dating woes, I went on a date with a basic white man who used hashtags like #idowhatican, #forevernomadic​, #datdiasporadoe​, etc etc in our text conversation. As if that wasn’t clue enough that he was a #basicfool, he had a massive forehead! Btw, in Nigeria, the pidgin word for huge forehead is ogor.

Freakin online dating, the angle of people’s pictures and their hair does wonders for foreheads. But my eyes are on to you. That date was not poppin but his forehead was. So distracting. He also had the most obnoxious white boy laugh ever. Like wtf.

Did I mention that I forgot his name. And rudely asked him “what was your name again?” during our date. He didn’t seem to mind and laughed it off. #toobasic

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