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Getting over your first love and breakup

Posted by Eba

To me, a huge part of hoe-ing effectively is viewing your sexual partners as just that. They're not your emotional support, yes they have feelings, but their emotions aren't a priority - sex is. This can feel weird, because sex can be such an emotional experience!

After weird hoe encounters, I think about my ex a lot and miss him. His voice, the love we shared, and sex with him. I find this pretty embarrassing because we broke up in July last year and breaking up with him was one of the best decisions I made in 2015. Weird casual sex makes me kinda miss having a stable partner that I know and understand as an emotional being and sexual being. He was the first person I ever loved. The first person I ever had sex with.

I loved him (too much) a lot, and sex with him was pretty fantastic. But, being with him was so chaotic. I learnt that although loyalty, patience, and devotion are present, I can indeed be a crazy, obsessive, angry Taurus.

Immediately after our breakup, my hoe encounters were a way to move on by embracing more dicks since his was the only one I'd ever known. My sense of self was also so fucked cos this r/ship was a huge part of my identity.

I wanted so bad to be wanted. I wanted someone else to tell me how soft my skin was, how nice my full lips were, how much they loved my long legs, how they loved to see my ass bounce, and how good my pussy felt.

I realized that approaching sex for those reasons was completely fucked, so I took a couple of months for myself and didn't have sex. I took time to strengthen relationships that hadn't been a priority cos of my toxic relationship, rediscover my love for cooking and fitness, and recover from my summer of depression.

I'm a Taurus, and being stable and grounded is so important. I haven't felt this happy and stable in a long time. Here's to continuing to move on, more self discovery, and more dicks.

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