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Casual sex with a rich fuckboi

Posted by Eba

‘The Money’ texted me late Saturday night letting me know he was gonna be visiting on Sunday. I hadn’t heard from him in a week, and I unmatched him on tinder and deleted him on facebook cos I decided I don’t need so much multi-app contact with a tinderbae.

Random 5 hr pussy commute on Valentine’s Day, who does that? #notgoals. But sure, come visit. He shows up in a dress suit looking amazingly beautiful. I don’t remember meeting men that are so gorgeous every inch of their body. Pretty astonishing.

We’re hanging out, drinking, talking, and making out and I start zoning out of the conversation. It wasn’t his fault, he’s smart and a good conversationalist but this was supposed to be a rest and relaxation hair day and my body sometimes get resentful when it’s interrupted.

I let him know I’m not feeling it and he says it’s cool, let’s just talk and listen to music. But every couple of minutes, he’d try kissing me, and I’d have to remind him that I already said no. Then he’d say let’s cuddle and then he started dry humping me. So I quickly had a conversation with him about consent, and he says he knows about consent and tries to practice it. He continues his moves, and I’m getting wetter and wetter.

And then he gets up, pulls his dick out and puts it in front of my mouth. At that point, all my defenses are down. His dick is beautiful, and at that moment I wanted it in my mouth.

Whenever we hook up, it’s the best sex of my life. But afterwards this time, I felt so iffy. A feeling I can’t really describe. Like yeah I just had amazing sex, but initially I really did not want to. Consent changes to. I did consent to it when I put his dick in my mouth and it felt wonderful. However, throughout that night he was pretty disrespectful of my boundaries and didn’t respect my initially no.

Also, if I’m being completely honest: because he’s rich and hot I was more patient with him. Although I was pretty frustrated when he wouldn’t stop trying, I didn’t get mad enough to kick him out of my house.

This is something I would never admit or share with any of my friends, and I think that says something. Urgh.

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