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A guide to good casual sex when travelling solo

Posted by Eba

I'm a single woman and I love sex. Travelling alone is a wonderful way to meet people. Casual hookups aka sex sometimes happens when you meet single men ;) Here are some helpful tips I wanted to share from my last 2 weeks in Mexico

Dress well

We've all heard the cheesy saying: dress how you want to be addressed. I consider myself to be quite trendy, and being in Mexico, you want your clothes to reflect that casual summer vibe. I like to go for casual, sexy but not slutty.

Get out there

I have many hookup stories but all of them have one thing in common: I went out. Yes, I enjoy watching TV shows in bed and sleeping in, but you're not gonna have any casual flings in bed with your TV. So get out there and explore.

Look friendly (maybe smile)

I'm the first to admit that I have resting bitch face. However, this resting bitch face hasn't stopped me from meeting hot men when I'm travelling alone. The trick is to look approachable, and an important part of that is smiling.

A few days ago, I was sitting alone in a busy food shop in Mexico when a guy sat at the table next to me, looked at me and asked me if I was enjoying my meal. I said yes, and he asked if he could sit with me. I said yes, we started talking and he was in my bed a few hours later.

Listen & good conversation

Finding someone to have sex with is easy. Having good sex takes more work and patience. I know myself and my sex patterns really well. I like men that seem gentle and sweet, who seem unassuming, and don't get affectionate too soon. I like to have a good conversation with a man before he touches me. I like men who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

I enjoy conversation, and listening to people. An easy and quick way for me to tell if a man has these traits is by talking to him and listening. It also takes away all awkwardness of new sex, plus all that teasing, buildup, and anticipation. If our brain chemistry is hot, it's bound to be steamy in bed.

Like you probably noticed, these tips apply to multiple scenarios, not just solo travel. Happy humping.

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